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  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 16
    Box price: 48.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 12
    Box price: 38.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 4
    Box price: 16.00$
  • Amount of candies: 10
    Discount: -18%
  • Amount of candies: 8
    Box price: 27.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 5
    Box price: 20.00$

Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cake SAMOA


For lovers of delicious chocolate, wonderful coconuts, and affectionate caramel. Production time 4-5 days.


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“Sweegan Delights” makes vegan SAMOA Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cake with an outstanding balance of taste, color, and emotions! To be sure, it is a fascinating cake! There are three layers to the Cake. The Cake looks like a design object! Moreover, Cake has a fantastic, unforgettable taste of soft caramel and delicious coconuts. You can choose your own design of your vegan SAMOA Chocolate Coconut Caramel Cake!

Also, please, you can taste vegan Cake Lime Basil with Strawberry Confit. It is a fresh and light cake with an elegant scent of basil!

The typical time for making the Cake is 7 days.

We will make Delights and Cakes manually after receiving the order.
However, the lead time depends on the quantity and variety of Delights ordered.

Available boxes sizes:

  • Box size: 4 candies. Discount: -0.00%
  • Box size: 5 candies. Discount: -0.00%
  • Box size: 8 candies. Discount: -15.63%
  • Box size: 10 candies. Discount: -18%
  • Box size: 12 candies. Discount: -20.83%
  • Box size: 16 candies. Discount: -25.00%

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2,5, 6, 7, 8


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