Ingredients Disclaimer

The Sweegan Delights cook many types of vegan candies, cakes. We use high-quality ingredients only from reliable, trusted manufacturers and select only organic ones when available. We check all ingredients before sweets and cakes making. Still, we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of ingredients we provide nor liable for any adverse reactions caused by the ingredients we use.

We do not use white sugar, any animal products, artificial sweeteners and colorants.

We provide information about candy’s and cake’s recipes for your convenience: you can estimate how much each ingredient in real candy or in 100 g of cake. We provide the official nutritional information from the website of the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (USDA)

Our goal is to inspire you to taste delicious vegan, organic candies and cakes. We thoroughly select new recipes and offer the best delicious sweet-stuff and cakes we can. When additional details are available, we provide them on the product’s page as well as links on the Internet’s resources.

Always read the ingredient list on the product page and the label before consuming. If you have food sensitivities or allergies to a particular ingredient, you should always avoid products with such ingredients. Please pay attention, we can change some components in our cakes in accordance with your requirements. Just email us, and we discuss your situation.

We are frequently in the process of developing new recipes and updating ingredient information. If you found an error or lack of information about a product on our website, please tell us about it.

Be healthy!