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  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 16
    Box price: 48.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 12
    Box price: 38.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 10
    Box price: 33.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 8
    Box price: 27.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 5
    Box price: 20.00$
  • Sweegan Delights
    Amount of candies: 4
    Box price: 16.00$

Black Currant Truffles


It is delicious original vegan Berry-and-Chocolate Truffles with Black Currant.

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“Sweegan Delights” makes vegan Black Currant Truffles. These are delicious desserts with an unforgettable taste.

Our vegan Black Currant Truffles-covered Fruit Chocolate is produced under Sweegan Delights’ unique receipt! These are a gorgeous combination of the traditional taste of Chocolate Truffles and new emotions from a bright aroma and taste of berries. We don’t use sugar, milk, or any artificial additions. As a result, you can enjoy an incredible adored vegan Black Currant Truffles!

Also, please, try other Truffles from Sweegan Delights – Blueberry Truffles, for example, or whatever you want from our Truffles collection. It’s an exciting taste!

Truffles are a popular Sweegan Delights dessert. So we are making Chocolate Truffles and Caramel Truffles regularly and can complete your order as quickly as possible.
However, the lead time depends on the quantity and variety of Delights ordered and available stock.

More Delights – lower cost!

Available boxes sizes:

  • Box size: 4 candies. Discount: -0.00%
  • Box size: 5 candies. Discount: -0.00%
  • Box size: 8 candies. Discount: -15.63%
  • Box size: 10 candies. Discount: -17.50%
  • Box size: 12 candies. Discount: -20.83%
  • Box size: 16 candies. Discount: -25.00%

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Weight 19.4 g


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